Simultaneous Interpreting


In Simultaneous Interpreting, the interpreter renders the spoken language into another instantly, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks; Simultaneous interpreters are sometimes called UN-style interpreters or conference interpreters. SI interpreter works in a pair, sitting in a glass sound-proof booth, listening to the conversation on headphones and simultaneously speaking into a microphone, target-language listeners listen via their earphones, tuned to the channel that carries their language.


Simultaneous interpretation is a unique skill that requires far more than the ability to speak multiple languages. Simultaneous interpreters have years of highly specialized education and training, the rare talent of being able to listen to one language while speaking another, and knowledge of terminology in tremendously varying fields.


Lina has worked as a simultaneous conference interpreter at various important forums, conference and seminars in the U.K., Europe and the Middle East. Looking for an experienced simultaneous interpreter in Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian based in London, United Kingdom, contact Lina Liu. Click here to see the highlight of her Simultaneous Interpreting experience.