Lina is a qualified Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian interpreter and translator based in London, United Kingdom. Lina has provided top-notch translations and interpreting service since 1992.

Clients across public services, charities and corporate sectors which include government departments, law firms, media agencies, advertising agencies and academicians.

Lina works closely with major clients who require interpreting services including the Law Courts, Ministry of Defence, Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Home Office and public and private companies throughout the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland. 


Lina was honoured to work as an official interpreter during the state visit of Preseident of China Xi Jin Ping to the UK in 2015, interpreting during the civic lunch with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Lord Mayor of Manchster, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Chinese ministers.

She has worked as a simultaneous conference interpreter in many important world conferences and forums held in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. She is experienced in conducting Simultaneous Interpreting in Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian.

She did simultaneous interpreting during the live press conference of the missing Malaysian flight MH370 which was televised worldwide by Reuters, BBC and Sky News in March and April 2014. 

Lina's background, with an aptitude for languages, combined with her education and experience has enabled her to provide a professional interpreting and translating service for over 20 years. Highly adaptive, Lina is experienced in working in demanding and challenging work environments and dealing with high profile personalities. 


Lina Liu is a member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreter and Charted Institute of Linguists, she adheres to their quality standards.

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Lina Liu’s mother tongue is Mandarin, her father was a Chinese language and Bahasa Malay teacher. She grew up in a multilingual society in Malaysia, where she went to Chinese primary school in the south of Malaysia, Johor. She also learned to speak many Chinese dialects whilst residing with her family in different parts of Asia. Lina then deepened her mastery of Chinese language at the Classical Chinese Studies department at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. 

Lina went to Malay language secondary school and mastered Bahasa Malay well. She did extensive academic translations from Chinese and English into Malay language for a book written by Professor Hamida Abdulhamid, “Theory of Aesthetics.” 


She learned Bahasa Indonesian when her parents moved to East Malaysia, at the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia, when she was 13 years old, and is now one of only three qualified Indonesian interpreters in the UK, and the only one able to do simultaneous interpreting in Bahasa Indonesian, Malay and Mandarin.


She did extensive academic translations whilst studying her Media Studies bachelor degree at University of Malaya and Master degree in Philosophy at Queen’s University of Belfast, where she completed her dissertation "Comparative Aesthetics on Classical Chinese and Western Art."