Malay Translator and Interpreter

Lina is the only qualified native Malaysian interpreter and translator in the UK. Lina's Malay translation and interpreting skill has been qualified and vetted by UK National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) since 2007.

Lina is a Malay translator, interpreter, language tutor, examiner, transcreator and proof reader based in Central London.

Lina has proven track record of providing high quality English to Malay translation and interpreting service to legal courts, International Resolution Dispute Centre, notary service, UK police, UK Border Agency, Home Office, Social Service, corporate clients, marketing agencies etc.

Lina taught Bahasa Malay (Malay language) to a number of British diplomats in the UK and also worked as an examiner for Defence School of Language in Beaconsfield.

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Malay Interpreter
  • Interpreted for BBC News, Sky News & Reuters

  • Interpreted a high profile criminal case at Royal Courts of Justice

  • Interpreted a legal trial which involved the Royal family of Brunei at Isleworth Crown Court.

  • Experienced in both Simultaneous Interpreting and Consecutive interpreting

Malaysian or Malay?

The national language of Malaysia is called Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa means language, Melayu means Malay. The official name is Malay language.

Malaysian is a  nationality as a whole, not a language. There are three major ethnic groups in Malaysia: Malay, Chinese and Indian. The Malays were migrated from Indonesia, the Chinese were migrated from th south of China and the Indians were migrated from the south of India and Sri Lanka.

Legal Research and Writing
Malay Translator
  • Translated academic books published by the Malaysian Institute of Language & Literature (DBP).

  • Translated legal documents from English to Malay for HMRC.

  • Translated legal documents, police reports, birth & marriage certificates.

Malay Education
  • Lina was born in Johor, Malaysia, studied in Johor and East Malaysia Sabah. She scored A + on her STPM (A level equivalent) on Malay Language. 

  • Lina started translating large amounts of academic research documents during her studies at University of Malaya, and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree there. She wrote her dissertation in Malay.

  • Lina also taught History of Philosophy at University of Malaya in Malay language.